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25/06/2021 -
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PARTS and SERVICES: Quick. Accurate. 

All JLG spare parts provided by MICO JLG deliver outstanding performance. Ensure technical standards. Thoroughly inspected by experts. At the same time, genuine spare parts also maximize the value of the device. 

Why should you choose MICO JLG’s spare parts service? 

Mico JLG is the exclusive representative of JLG in Vietnam. We have a team of technical experts who understand the industry well. And above all, have a deep understanding of equipment. Always ready to support and advise on spare parts solutions according to the needs of the business. At the same time, we have flexible access to JLG’s internal system. Easily identify and check spare parts and maintenance equipment. From there, order high quality products at competitive prices. 

Refer to our spare parts system at: LINK