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04/08/2021 -

Choosing forklifts in the industry of producing industrial wood, suitable plywood, saving investment costs. High-class 3 ton to 5 ton Heli forklifts with Japanese quality and price in Vietnam are most commonly used in industrial wood factories. Forklifts are fuel efficient, durable and highly economical.

What is the most suitable forklift truck for an industrial wood factory?

Normally, a plywood production line needs to use a 2.5-3 ton forklift in the rotation of peeled boards, raw boards and finished boards in the factory. The forklift has a lifting frame from 4 meters to 6 meters to ensure space saving for the factory (Stackable from 3 to 4 bales).

With the stage of packing finished wood products into containers, the most effective used plywood forklifts are 3.5 ton forklifts, 3 ty 3 lifting frames to go under the container, install a lifting rack on the truck to ensure packing. industrial wood more convenient. Forklifts are equipped with fork lifts 1.6 meters to 1.8 meters corresponding to a wooden bale length of 2.44 meters.

How effective is the use of a 3.5 ton forklift in the wood industry in packing export containers:

Technical parameters to note when choosing a container truck:

  • Lifting frame: Choose a 3-way 3-way container lift with a base height lower than the container door (~ 2.3 meters).
  • The set of shifters on the vehicle (also known as the sideshifter) makes container closing more convenient and more efficient.
  • The fork mounted on the vehicle is 1.52-1.82 meters long: The length is just enough to lift the finished wooden bale in the length of 2.44 meters to work most effectively both when closing the container and when working outside the factory. export.
  • Moving tires: choose solid wheel tires with long durability.

Heli forklifts are widely used in the industrial wood and plywood industry in Vietnam, durable forklifts, bringing high economic value.

In Vietnam, Heli forklifts are distributed by the factory by Binh Minh Forklift Company, with a team of experienced staff, enthusiastic and professional support consultants. The quality of Heli forklifts is tested by the Vietnamese market.

Heli  forklifts used in the wood industry in Vietnam are mainly forklift models from 2.5 tons to 5 tons, high-class Japanese engines. Forklifts are available at warehouses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City ready to serve the production needs of the factory.

Some pictures of Heli forklifts in industrial plywood factories:

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